What I did Last Summer

Hey guys, although my outfit posts have been scarce lately, know that I have some stuff in the works for this Blog.

When Life happens, one has to make some adjustments where need be and keep forging forward. 

Just wanted to update you on my Summer which was very blah- Well…not so much, as I celebrated my Thirty-something Birthday on July 9th.  A Lady must never divulge her age, unless it’s for legal purposes… lol

Went to the Beach a lot to soak up on some Sun Rays…Checked out the Farmer’s Markets, attended some family gatherings, went to a Caribbean Festival, the typical summer stuff.

I felt so complacent at home that I took a 3 1/2 hours drive to Orlando, just to clear my mind. 

I also tried to get some outfit posts done, pictures taken and all, just to dislike the outcome ( When I find enough courage, I’ll share the disasters with you guys). But until then, enjoy the Pictures of my Summer! 


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