Delightful Daisy

             (Photos: Milla A. Eugene)

The Urban dictionary describes “A Daisy” as being the one who stands out as being one’s perfect girl as soon as one first sees her.

The “Flower” Daisy is widely known as a determinant to whether: “He/She Loves me, or he/she loves me not”. ?

In the Blogosphere, this perception often dominates, from the perfectly polished images being conveyed, from perfectly coiffed hair, to the ultimate designer clothing and shoes, to an enviable social Life. 
However, it is up to one’s own interpretation. I relate more to Doc Holliday’s meaning of “You’re a Daisy”, which means  to be the best or do the best or most marvelous. 
The “Daisy” is also a symbol of Transformation. This philosophy of emerging victorious from whatever hand you were dealt, is how I persevere. It shows strength in Character and gives one ownership to his/her path in this Life.
Until next time!

The Adri Chronicles





Dress and Jewelry: NYandCompany, Shoes (Old from JcPenney): Similar here and here.


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