Centerpiece Lantern

How to give you Dinning Table a Refresh

A Dinning Table centerpiece elevates the entire room. It is a topic of conversation when you gather as well as visually appealing. I often reuse décor items to give my space a simplistic and nice update.

This lantern was a steal from Kirkland’s at $15. (They always have some good deals, sign up for their newsletter to get the notification). When I saw it, I was not sure exactly where it was going to find a spot in my home, but at that price I did not want to leave it behind. I am glad I didn’t.

It is perfect as a Centerpiece, for now. I have some many plans for it for Fall Season and the Christmas Holiday.

The Candles were part of a Christmas Centerpiece last year. They were too pretty to be put away so in the centerpiece they went. Lol

I love home accessories and at times it can be expensive. So the solution is to reuse items in places you would not normally. The best part is how fun and creative you can be in decorating

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